Like a challenge? Looking for a bit of adventure? Then come and experience our trail running and multisport events!! Grab your mates or go solo. There's simply no better way to get started than getting out there and giving it a go.

Endorfun events are organised by Kris Clauson and Imojen Pearce with support from trail runner Matt Groves and a host of other volunteers from the Tasmanian multisport community. Kris, Imojen and Matt have a strong heritage in multisport, trail running and adventure racing both nationally and internationally, but most importantly, understand the needs of both beginner and experienced multisport athletes. Endorfun events are designed to appeal to a wide range of competitors and are challenging yet not intimidating for the first-time racer.

For more information about endorfun, please email us. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events

Trail Runs

Russell Falls 6km 26th July 2015

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Winter Challenge

16th August 2015

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